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     At Rampart Pest Solutions we use our products in the safest, effective, and most efficient way to rid you of your pest problem.

Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach will ensure you the results you need in a way that is not only safe for you, but for the environment as well. Depending on your pest control needs we have general quarterly, monthly, and one-time services available for the control of crawling insects. 

    We offer specialized services for the treatment of German roaches, bed bugs, rodents, black widow, and brown recluse spiders. Services are also available for the removal of stinging insect nest.

    We stand behind our services with a free call back warranty that in the event you are still experiencing issues in your home we will come back free of charge as part of your quarterly pest control service. 



Home Evaluation

During your free home evaluation our certified technician will inspect the exterior of your home, as well as attached and detached garages. Upon inspection of the interior our technician will walk through the living areas looking for evidence of insect activity and noting any areas that may be conducive to pest.

*Only attics with pull down ladders are included with the free home evaluation

Once the inspection is complete our technician will put together a program specifically for your homes needs. If you need preventative service to keep those common household pest away, we offer quarterly and monthly preventative services to give you peace of mind. You may be experiencing an issue with less common invaders, we offer specialized services to take care of those issues as well.


  • Ant Control

  • Cockroach Control

  • Spider Control

  • Earwig Control

  • Rodent Control*

  • Centipede Control

  • Millipede Control

  • House Cricket Control

  • Bed Bug Service*

  • German Roach Service*

  • Pill Bug Control

  • Stink Bug Control

  • Silverfish Control

  • Black Widow Spider Control*

  • Brown Recluse Spider Control*

*Available as specialized services

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